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The latex paint for exterior wall
The latex paint for exterior wall

Composition: this product mainly uses the pure acrylic emulsion and titanium dioxide with high quality as the basal material, the choice of high quality pigment, filler and a variety of high quality fillers.

Features: natural and bright color, strong adhesion, not easy to fall off, excellent weather resistance, anti-weathering, not easy to fade, good hiding power, can be washed many times, it is an economical engineering paint, which is suitable for large residential projects.

Application: it is suitable for the exterior wall decoration of buildings, residential buildings, office buildings, hotels and restaurants which are built with concrete, brick and stone.

Instructions to use:

1. the walls must be clean, the adhesion grease, dust must be clean. When shelling-out the old wall, the first thing is to remove the powdery peel off paint film on the surface of the wall, and then to rinse with clear water, only the surface is dry can we go on the construction.

2. The new wall may have long oxidation period, after the most moisture hind inside the wall to be evaporated , the construction can be proceed.

3. As to the mildewed wall, we should remove mildewed spot. Wash the wall with hot water or bleach repeatedly, rinse with water again, wait for the surface to be dry before construction

4. When the alkalinity of the wall is too high (the PH value is higher than 10), it is recommended to use the sealing primer5 produced by the company, using clean water to dilute, the water to the white paint and light color paint is no more than 15%, it can be used after mix well.

5. The interval of repainting should be more than 2 hours

6. The construction temperature should be above 5, can brush, roll coating, spraying.

7. This product is green and environmental protection coating. It is safe, non-toxic and non-dangerous

8. Theoretical quantity of coating: 4-5m2/ kg (brush twice)

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